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YUVA VAANI offers young people valuable exposure, using the context of social issues for building up their social skills through writings. It Contributes towards harnessing youths potential as active citizen on social issues sets agenda for empowerment of marginalised youth from different parts of the country with objectives to encourage active citizenship and to identify and promote young change-makers. Common spaces will be created on the website where young people interact with youth from different backgrounds, exchanges their views through writings. It provides a platform to the youths to share their stories, ideas, experiences and talent. YUVA VAANI is Bihar’s foremost platform that develops writing skill, leadership, emotional intelligence and career skills for today’s youth. It is an open forum for the youths to share their experiences, views and opinions on relevant and critical issues. YUVA VAANI is an idea to make the youth come out to speak and discuss about issues affecting our society and make them realise the potential of discussions and collaborations. It is an initiative by Equity Foundation for young people. The YUVA VAANI is an initiative to develop youths’ fullest potential and bring about positive change in the societies they live. This is a space which helps every youngster to exchange his/her opinions and ideas in a transparent manner. Youths from different states and cities can openly share their stories and experiences. Our concept of YUVA VAANI aims to be a space where young people can avail structured exposure opportunities such as writing, interact, learn, access information, experiment, build relationships with people beyond borders of caste, creed, gender and region. 


Dear Students, you are free to write on any relevant issues– so let’s start a conversation about it! You can email your writings in Hindi or English to We look forward to your cooperation!

For any other questions, please feel free to contact us@ 0612-2270171 (in between 10:00AM-5:00PM)


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