Manjari—Stree ke Mann ki
The first issue of Manjari—Stree ke Mann ki  dedicated to late Justice J.S. Verma,  was formally released by Ravish Kumar, Senior Editor NDTV India on July 12, 2014. Equity Foundation started a web edition of Manjari Journal in the hope that it will help us raise the issue of women and society. When we began to think of putting together a magazine, we started contacting various people in Patna and elsewhere. We made a special attempt to involve women to play a leading role this endeavor. We had to mobilize personal friends, acquaintances, and women active in different fields, in journalism, social groups, academics, and so on to come together to support the launch of ‘MANJARI’‘MANJARI’ aims to provide a platform that would provide space both for intellectual quests, investigations and debates as well as activist interventions. One of Equity Foundation’s consistent endeavors has been to bridge the gap between research and activism. We believe research becomes irrelevant if it does not have a vibrant connection with people’s lives and concerns. Likewise, if our work as a Civil Society is based on insufficient grasp of ground level reality that includes appreciation of the social, historical processes that shape people’s values and behavior that too often proves pointless, Read More

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