Manjari—Stree ke Mann ki


Equity Foundation started the web edition in the hope that it will help us raise the issue of women and society. When we began to think of putting together a magazine, we started contacting various people in Patna and elsewhere. We have made a special attempt to involve women to play a leading role this endeavor. We have mobilized personal friends, acquaintances, and women activists, in journalism, social groups, academics, and so on to come together to support the launch of ‘MANJARI’. The magazine aims to provide a platform that would provide space both for intellectual quests, investigations and debates as well as activist interventions. One of Equity Foundation’s consistent endeavors has been to bridge the gap between research and activism. We believe research becomes irrelevant if it does not have a vibrant connection with people’s lives and concerns. Likewise, if our work as a Civil Society is based on insufficient grasp of ground level reality that includes appreciation of the social, historical processes that shape people’s values and behavior that too often proves pointless, no matter how well meaning the intent. It is an endeavor to promote informed activism through research based writing and critiques on various issues in a manner that integrates women’s rights and concerns in each and every aspect of their day to day life. Its reach will go beyond the regular NGO or academic circuits and its readership will cut across political and ideological divides because it is focused on its culturally sensitive approach to issues of social, political and economic reforms.

 ‘MANJARI’ will be read by activists, scholars, academics, journalists, professionals, housewives, policy makers, and a whole range of concerned citizens who look for fresh insights and solution oriented approaches on a range of social, cultural and political issues. It will allow readers to examine such issues as the biological and social basis of gender, changes in conceptions of gender over time, and the impact of gender on both society and individual lives. It is designed to enrich understanding of gender issues for both men and women through a cross-disciplinary perspective. The journal is an attempt to encourage a spirit of inquiry that will prepare people to function effectively in a diverse and rapidly evolving society in which gender differences play an increasingly important part. ‘MANJARI’s interventions will influence and change the perception and approach of numerous activists, organisations and scholars on many important issues – such as dowry, sexual harassment, domestic violence, inheritance rights for women, personal laws of minority communities, political participation, sanitation and economic reform issues to name a few.

The Equity Foundation sees itself primarily as a catalyst in assisting underprivileged women to realize their full potential and exercise their active influence on society and its transformation. The national policy for equal participation of women in all spheres of national development is possible if the ideas and institutions that marginalise women’s role and contribution in society are weakened or eliminated. The idea of MANJARI is conceptualised in order to develop, promote and disseminate knowledge about women’s roles in society and economic trends which affect women’s lives and status. The purpose of the web magazine is to focus on women’s pressing and special needs and other value generating process which promotes mystification, ignorance and distortions regarding women and their roles in society. In the context of the Twelfth Plan there is an urgent need to push issues of equity in a holistic manner by recognising both the specificity and the inter-sectional nature of inequality. Most of the articles in MANJARI concerning equity will look at different groups, and to some extent this is absolutely necessary. Therefore a central concern of the journal is to find the right balance between responding to specific forms of exclusion for particular groups and recognising the need for an inter-sectional perspective which tackles the combined effects of different forms of inequality and takes these into account, especially at the time of formulation of policies and schemes. The purpose is therefore to begin a dialogue on a range of critical themes that can help map the current scenario, build agendas for urgent research, and perhaps generate alternative proposals towards a more meaningful and just approach to gender perspective.

The E-magazine has been created to honour organisational commitment to social justice and empowerment. The Organisation has been earlier organising a variety of conferences, workshops, and other public events. Now through the magazine the Organisation will sponsor a wide range of national, regional and international guest authors including scholars, lawyers, government, media person, filmmakers, poets, and community activists. Conceptualised by Equity Foundation, ‘MANJARI’ – Stree ke man ki, will feature one issue every 3rd month. In addition to this, it will also showcase different news and information on the given issue and honour the outstanding contribution of a common person towards society. MANJARI also has a editorial board of people excelling in their diverse fields.

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